Why do I need a free ticket?

It is important to us that everyone can get access to the exhibition. However, the space on the area is limited. The tickets are free – but must be booked in advance.

Why are there four different tickets? How long is the ticket?

We have many thoughts and plans, so you can enjoy the stay in peace and not too many people at once are on the site.

Can I take somebody with my ticket?

Each guest must own his own ticket. By doing so, we ensure that no amount of crowds disturbs your experience of the exhibition.

Is my ticket transferable to another person?

Since your ticket is personalized, this can not be transferred.

I would like to book several tickets at once? How does it work?

Since the ticket is personalized, only one ticket can be booked by one person at a time. Your ticket is only valid in connection with your identity card. This will prevent larger numbers of tickets from being tapped by individuals and other visitors from getting tickets.

Can I exchange my ticket for another ticket (different date or time)?

Since the tickets are issued by an automatic system, they can not be exchanged for technical reasons.

Do I have to print out my ticket or is the mobile version enough?

We ask all visitors to conserve the resources of our environment and to renounce a paper printout. Carrying the ticket as a mobile version is sufficient.

All tickets for a date are out of stock. Is there still a way to get close to one?

If a time slot is no longer available via the ticket system, we have reached the maximum capacity of the respective time period.

However, our media partners regularly give away tickets. You can find a list of the partners on our Facebook event page.

Our tip: We are looking for the exhibition volunteers for the construction and dismantling, as well as for the supervision of the exhibition on site. Anyone who gives us three hours of their time to make the show a reality will receive 2 free tickets. Write us at: helfer@unseen-westeros.com

Can I reserve a ticket and pick it up at the entrance? Is there a guest list?

The ticket must be booked in advance and brought to the exhibition. Unfortunately, we can not implement reservations because of the effort involved. For exactly this reason, it is not possible for us to keep a guest list. If you forget your ticket, unfortunately, you will not be left on the grounds.

May I take pictures at the exhibition?

Yes – you are allowed to take pictures in the exhibition areas. We ask you to deactivate flash and flashlight function of your mobile devices and cameras, so that the other guests are not disturbed.

Is there barrier-free access?

The exhibition space has a service elevator, which we can provide. Just ask at the entrance.

Can I bring children to the festival?

Children are welcome – though we want to emphasize that the grounds are not designed for children. The building is an old industrial building and must be entered by all visitors with increased attention.

Can I bring animals to the festival?

Please leave your dogs, cats, guinea pigs, goldfish and shadow wolves at home. According to official regulations, the area is taboo for animals.

Can I become a festival helper?

We are looking for volunteers who help us to set up and dismantle, and to look after the exhibition and our artists effectively. Anyone who gives us three hours of their time to make the show a reality will receive 2x tickets.

What about hand luggage?

It should be understood that it is not permitted to carry items that could endanger other guests.

Will I see characters from Game of Thrones in the exhibition?

The exhibition title “Unseen Westeros” refers to the visually unknown places of the world by George R. R. Martin. UNSEEN WESTEROS is not a “Game of Thrones” exhibition. All artists show previously unseen stories from the book `Westeros`. HBO’s rights to the “Game of Thrones” brand and its content are not affected: no figures, locations or scenes from the series are taken up.

Is there a press accreditation?

You can write us an email: